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Everyone has a tale to tell, here is mine.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We all have our moments in time that change our lives.

Sadly, my family endured several losses. My mother was where it all began for me, happy go lucky with a huge heart. But Covid arrived, and as we went into full lockdown, my mother was admitted to hospital and tested positive for COVID. We lost her without the chance to say goodbye.

Not long after, my uncle also tested positive and passed away in his home village of Syed Pur, Bangladesh.

Then, 8 months later my wife also sadly passed away.

It catapulted me from a life of all things IT, to a full-time father of two young daughters.

What was close to my heart, was the fact that both my mother and wife were massive charity givers. Whether financially or helping out. So, what better way to honour them both, than setting up a Charity myself?

ARK is an acronym of Ayesha Khatun, my late mother and Rubina Khanom, my late wife. And we all know the story of the biblical Ark being a place of safety to weather the storm during the great flood. Here we are with my very own version of the ARK.

What is ARK and how do we plan to help? We’re a Charity that aims to help those in need primarily focused within the community of Batley, West Yorkshire with potential to reach out further within the country. Who knows we may achieve a goal, to reach Bangladesh and other countries in need but before we get too ahead of ourselves, we will start local and take it from there.

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Afia Khatun
Afia Khatun
Nov 30, 2021

Ma’sha’Allah.💖 I am so proud of you… may Allah accepts our good deeds and grant those who have passed away the highest of Jannah…In’sha’Allah I pray that it expands.. and I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart 💜 for making things happen… keep up the good work… 🤲💖

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