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ARK is Batley's newest charity supporting Mental Helth and wellbeing within the community including children.

Our team of dedictated volunteers and founder, all have gone through difficulties in life and have found a common place to call their own and support one another. Through this bond, we provide the same support to anyone who may just need a little company and help get through the day, week or whatever may be playing on the mind.


Our not for profit thrift store is our only source of income to help keep our charity and its doors open to all who may wish to visit. Our store is a one of a kind as it's very much like our second home and we have an open door policy, whether its to have a peruse of our wares or to have a seat and a chat over a warm cuppa.

We host social events for both adults and children, including some successful stories from our 'Read a Book or Pick a Toy' days for the children.

We are not professionals but a group of people who have a common story which we share, with all visiting who are wishing to listen. Our charity is operated with its team as the beating heart and its many patrons as the success stories of our work.

We welcome all donation of goods from fashion for all the family, household items, toys, small furniture and more.

We also rely on cash donations and so please donate generously to help support the hard work we do at Ark

"Out of great adversity, comes great strength and positivity"

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